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Poets who like to join our community

Are you a poet looking to connect with like-minded individuals and make a positive impact in your community? The British Bilingual Poetry Collective (BBPC) is looking for poets to join our community interest company based in London.

As a member of BBPC, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with other poets and facilitators to lead workshops, perform at events, and create meaningful connections with a diverse range of communities. Whether you are an established poet or just starting out, we welcome individuals with a passion for poetry and a commitment to promoting mental wellbeing and cultural heritage.

Our workshops use the process of writing, performing, and translating poetry to help individuals process emotions, express themselves, and improve their overall mental wellbeing. By joining BBPC, you will not only have the opportunity to grow as a poet but also make a positive impact in the lives of others.

As a community interest company, we are committed to creating an inclusive and supportive environment for all members. Whether you write in English, another language or both, we believe that everyone has a unique voice that deserves to be heard.

If you are interested in joining the British Bilingual Poetry Collective and becoming part of a dynamic community of poets, we encourage you to get in touch. Let's use the power of poetry to make a positive impact in our communities!

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