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Past Workshops

Workshop Highlight  Translation Circle

BBPC has run two successful series of Translation Circles in 2022 and 2023. They were intergenerational poetry translation workshops held at Toynbee Hall, the Whitechapel Gallery and RichMix in the heart of East London. In these twelve workshops participants joined with the poets themselves to render original language poems into English. Poems were translated from Bengali, Farsi, Igbo, Polish, Spanish, Swahili, Sylheti and Urdu. The workshops bring people of different ages and backgrounds together, fostering a sense of community and cultural exchange through the power of poetry. The Translation Circles provided an exciting and enriching opportunity for those interested in poetry, language, and culture to come together and share their experiences and perspectives.

One participant commented “This was my first time and I found the process very interesting and fruitful. It has made me very aware of other cultures”.

Workshop Gallery

Past Events

Events Highlights  Coming of Age Poetry

A poetic exploration of the theme of ‘Coming of Age’ by British-Bangladeshi poets.

Coming of Age poetry by BBPC was part of Season of Bangla Drama festival 2020. It was organised by London Borough of Tower Hamlets. We, a group of cross-generational British poets of Bangladeshi heritage met up virtually over the lockdown to explore this theme of growing, moving forward, transitioning. Not just as individuals but also as a community, the British-Bangladeshi community. The conversations resulted in eclectic amalgamation of collaborative poetry (group poetry) where each contributed verses as well as individual poems. In this performance: ‘Coming of Age Poetry’, you are going witness our stories, through movement, sound and physical-sculpture.

Language: English and BSL.

Credits: (BBPC poets who contributed to the script)

Muneera Munier, Farah Naz, Eeshita Azad, Simon Etter, Sadeq Ahmad Chowdhury, Shumi Islam, Rumy Haque, Nikhat Hoque, Tasmia Tahia, Ershad Alamgir, Mike Raggett

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